Transformation management

Interim management

Our services: We provide our clients with the interim leadership at senior executive, management or business controller roles to fill in temporary gaps at mid and top levels of their organizations.

Our services ensure the following:

  • Integrity and common vision of the business goals of our clients

  • Day-to-day management and supervisory responsibilities for teams and partners

  • Assistance in succession planning and leadership transition

  • Assistance in recruiting

  • Supervisory Council responsibilities if required

Change management

Our services: we prepare and lead our clients through the process of change, be it merger or acquisition, restructuring, business turnaround, organizational transformation or new business/ product or market development.

Change management process is a unique path of each organsiation that we plan and develop together with the major stakeholders. Our services usually include change project management and consist of the following steps:

  • Assessment of the situation and setting the future vision

  • Identifying gaps and need for change

  • Communication to the sponsors of change and all stakeholders

  • Designing change management program

  • Involving stakeholders of change at all levels of organization

  • Leading the change – at formal and informal levels

  • Coaching teams, sponsors and stakeholders

  • Monitoring results of change and helping to adjust