Operations efficiency

Corporate governance and succession planning

Our service: we assist or clients in setting up an efficient corporate governance model that ensures optimal use of resources, achievement of best results and better opportunities for development, competitiveness and investment attraction.

  • shareholders vision formulation

  • link of vision to company strategy and organization

  • organizational and management assessment

  • succession planning

  • organizational transformation – structure, processes, competencies

  • management team development and coaching

  • setting processes and reporting routines

  • interim management on top strategic level

Process analysis and improvement

Our service: We assist you in improving the way you do things by focusing on common vision and goal for shareholders and organisation, facilitating need for change, leading the change process and monitoring results.

Our service include the following steps:

  • Performing operational assessment

  • Performing peer and industry best practice comparison

  • Defining improvement objectives and goals

  • Development of the detailed improvement action plan

  • Communication to the stakeholders of the process at all levels of organisation

  • Leading a process improvement project

  • Provide coaching and assistance to the management teams throughout organisation

  • Serving as an interim process improvement project manager