M&A consulting, valuations and PMI

M&A advisory

Our services: We assist our clients to execute effective diligence processes, plan and prepare for closing of the deal and represent clients in negotiations, in order to realize the expected value of a transaction. We have a track record of assisting clients in the M&A activities across Baltics in different industries, including retail, manufacturing and financial services sectors.

Our services usually include the following steps that ensure that maximum deal value is realized from the deal:

  • critical assessment of the strategic M&A plans and assumptions

  • targets assessment

    • assessment of integration risks,

    • developing accurate integration costs estimates,

    • identifying synergy and value drivers

    • business and financial due diligence

  • price calculation / assessment

  • integration strategy planning

  • verifying and preparing documentation for the deal

  • assisting in leading negotiations and closing the deal


Our services: We assist our clients in validating their business assumptions and assessing the target by applying our wide experience and professional knowledge.

Our services include the following activities:

  • business due diligence

    • business valuation

    • intellectual property rights valuations

    • debt service capacity assessment

    • scenario planning and sensitivity tests

    • debt restructuring scenarios development

    • debt restructuring negotiations on behalf of the client

Post-merger integration

Our services: We assist our clients to manage the change brought along with the M&A in order to realize maximum value from the transaction.

Our services include the following steps:

  • M&A implementation planning

  • integration project management

  • Leading the PMI process

    • establishing shared vision

    • streamlining processes

    • coaching and leading the team at all levels of organization

    • setting integration process performance measurement targets

  • Monitoring the PMI process and adjusting action plan and execution where required