Our point of view


With over than 10 years practical experience in strategic and financial management of the top Baltic companies in different industries our team delivers to the client much more than what they are paid for.


Our people are trustworthy and honest. We are saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.


We build long-term relationships with our clients, leading them not only through the assigned project but following up and joining the client’s team in the further business development.

Critical thinking

We are assisting our clients in independent and critical view of their business and financial issues in order to develop solutions that provide for the achievement of client goals.


We are enabling our clients to become high-performance businesses and reach their future vision and goals. We are delivering solutions that bring results in the short-term and ensure sustainable results in the long-run.

Hands-on approach

We have practical experience of work at the strategic management level of both large and small companies and we know what it takes to turn the vision into reality. Our partner and team members are not only assisting our clients to solve tasks but also are leading change and strategy execution projects, guiding the client’s team and coaching key management in order to ensure long-term sustainable result.


We inspire our clients to achieve their visions by bridging the gap between shareholder vision and actual daily operations of the company, structuring the vision into a formulated strategy and further into action plan, involving organization and management team in the strategy development and leading execution.


Our strength is working in a close team among ourselves and with our clients. We are building long-term relationships with our clients and within our own team and readily sharing experience and resources.

Delivering results

We focus on developing and delivering solutions to your business that bring results, not producing reports. We work together with your team in order to execute strategy or project to attain the set goal.


We are constantly learning and deepening the knowledge required to deliver value to our clients. Thus we stay at the competitive edge of the industry and are able to deliver the most innovative solutions to enhance value of our clients’ business. We see the big picture and at the same time have deep understanding of details.